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Press Release - Manchester, UK - 10th July 2008

Ribbit rumours contribute to momentum

Rumours of the acquisition by BT of Ribbit have added to the weight of expectation around the web-based voice market. If the rumours are true, the award-winning will be one of the few independent players remaining in the market.

The UK-based company is a direct competitor to Silicon Valley-based Ribbit, which the rumours suggest has been acquired by BT for $55 million dollars. won the Big Chip International Award for Innovation recently, and was also part of a winning entry at the SXSW awards in the US.

"This raises expectations, and reaffirms our belief in the value of this market," commented Tim Panton, founder of "Although it's sad that even British institutions like BT believe they need to look to the other side of the Atlantic for...

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