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Strathclyde Fire Selects Radio Solution from NTL/Westica
Teaming Agreement Between NTL and Westica Provides Fire Brigade with Innovative Datacommunication Network

One of the largest fire brigades in Europe, Strathclyde Fire Brigade, has taken an innovative approach to upgrading their existing Wide Area Network (WAN), through the deployment of an extensive radio transmission network. NTL’s Public Safety group, in conjunction with the radio expertise of Westica, has provided the Brigade with a cost-effective, reliable and secure datacommunications solution following its contract win in February 2004.

The aim of the upgrade was to provide a fully integrated system, which was cost-effective, resilient and reliable to 7 main operation centres, in addition to a number of other fire stations. Previously, the interconnections to the main locations used leased-line services for delivery of data, while Isdn2 dial-up services were utilised at...

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