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With the Duchess of Cambridge now rumoured to be overdue with her first baby, she may want to take note of some of the experiences of first time mothers to be, if she’s looking to encourage her labour to begin. A survey of 77 members has revealed the extraordinary lengths they went to, in their attempts to “get their labour going”.

The most popular response was to eat a hot and spicy curry – 78% of the respondents said they had tried this. Next most popular, was having sex with their partner – 50 women reported this (65%). Least popular was bouncing on a trampoline, with just 6% of women report. But a determined 39% confessed to having eaten a whole pineapple to try and encourage their baby to arrive.

77 female respondents aged 27 – 48 reported eating an entire pineapple, very hot curries, going on long walks, bouncing on trampolines and having sex with their partners. On...

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