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Ambius Becomes Planet Positive Business

Ambius, the leading provider of interior landscaping solutions, has become a Planet Positive business recognising the company’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its operation. The Planet Positive status certifies that Ambius has measured and actively reduced its carbon footprint and developed a long-term strategy to become a sustainably green company.

During 2009, Ambius undertook a detailed review to measure the company’s carbon footprint within its North American, UK and Pacific operations, which provided the necessary insight to develop and implement the carbon action plan. The company will commence a similar initiative this year across its operations in continental Europe and South Africa.

As part of the ongoing strategy, Ambius plans to reduce its vehicle fleet fuel consumption and building energy usage by up to 10 per cent during 2010. This, developed in partnership with dcarbon8, will target the reductions by introducing a combination of operational changes, corporate policies, training and the adoption of appropriate technology. A significant proportion of the savings made as a result of the programme will then be reinvested back into the scheme to achieve additional environmental benefits.

Ambius is also committed to developing a range of products, services and techniques that will be available to its customers, making the company the greenest interior landscaping service available. As a result, Ambius will be inviting employees, suppliers and partners to identify sustainable solutions that achieve high levels of environmental responsibility.

Kenneth Freeman, Head of Ambius University and International Technical Director commented: “This certification signifies our high standard of environmental achievement that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take a more positive attitude towards climate change. We have long recognised and promoted the environmental benefits of the services we offer, especially the use of interior plants, but these benefits are compromised by our own practices if we don’t manage the business in a sustainable fashion.”

To achieve the Planet Positive certification, Ambius has followed a four-step process including the measurement of the company’s carbon footprint and a commitment to reducing emissions on an annual basis. In addition, a report explaining the carbon footprint and outlining actions, targets and reductions has been made available in the public domain, whilst the company has made a contribution to the Cool Earth climate project that protects vulnerable rainforests from destruction.

For Further information, please contact Lizzie Woolley on 07881 923 530 / 020 8671 9387