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Immerse Yourself in Music with New Multi-Room Audio System

Armour Home - the UK’s leading provider of premium hi-fi, home theatre and entertainment products - has announced the launch of its innovative digital home audio system. Simple to use and with a sleek design, the state-of-the-art Systemline 7 (S7) is built into the fabric of the house and offers users fully integrated access to the widest available range of online music services on the market.

As well as unrivalled access to online music, S7 also provides a comprehensive network music file storage capacity. It features a 1 terabyte hard drive; provides unbeatable 24/192 sound quality capability and enables auto CD ripping including album art finder.

S7 is also operated by the fastest, most comprehensive App in the marketplace. The Net Music App has been developed by Armour and has a simple interface with ‘Home’ and ‘Now Playing’ screens etc. It seamlessly discovers the server as well as discovering all online options, making it simple for set up and ongoing operation. It also offers social networking possibilities, with in-App access to Facebook and web browsing.

The S7 is extremely easy to use, with a simple ‘one button’ control keypad. The system can also be controlled remotely from a user’s iPhone or iPad, as it is fully compatible with Apple technology. Music can be shared throughout rooms of the house or each zone can work independently. Guests can even stream their own music when they visit!

Another key feature of S7 is that it uses an open access IP gateway, which encourages connectivity and allows two-way communications with third party control. Unlike many mass-market closed home music systems, this means
that S7 will easily interface with other home automation systems. For instance it can be integrated with a home cinema system to create a complete automated home entertainment experience.

Competitive pricing and an unrivalled list of key features makes S& extremely attractive to homeowners who love their music and want to impress their friends, at a price that suits their pocket.

Other key features include:
• Local Input Module (LIM) for smart TV sound connectivity
• Seamless digital TV sound integration with support for Sky and Virgin handset control
• Support for the greatest number of media outlets on the market including iTunes, Spotify, Napster, Deezer, Youtube, Last FM, Rhapsody, Facebook, iPlayer

Commenting on the launch George Dexter, Managing Director at Armour Home, said: “Systemline 7 is the latest integrated home audio product to the market and offers the best functionality by far. With its excellent sound quality, storage capacity and access to the greatest range of online music - we are offering a truly high-tech product at a great price. The system is easy to install, scalable and adaptable so will play an integral part in the automated home of the future.

“Systemline has been a leading distributed audio brand over the last 30 years and has a strong history of innovation. The S7 continues this heritage, offering a new generation of installed music system using unrivalled technology. S7 is a state-of-the-art, compelling product with innovative features. We believe it will reset the ‘bar’ for installed audio, offering the best sound available on the market with the most comprehensive range of easy to use functions.”

Systemline 7 has been designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK.

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