Skip nav Implements 9pm Rule To Stop Kids Viewing Naughty Adult Gadgets

In a move that is the first of it's kind in the U.K., online gadget retailer has restricted viewing of it's 'naughty' adult products until after 9pm.
The Online Watershed has been built into the website, giving the company full control over the products that can be viewed on the internet before 9pm - without having to rely on an "Entry Page" to it's adult section - requiring children to answer truthfully about their age!

The watershed is traditionally used in the Broadcast Media, where sexy or violent content is not shown before 9pm.

The Gadgetwizard website sells a wide range of products to suit all ages, the Online Watershed is tailored for the many fun 'adult' orientated products on the site - "While none of our adult products are particularly offensive, they would certainly be inappropriate for viewing by a...

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