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The power of attitude: Whitten & Roy Partnership launches drive to help businesses transform sales performance

many trainers and also human resources professionals have a finger on the symptom but don’t have the solution to make it work.

• Founder duo pioneers in teaching the power of present-moment-awareness to sales managers and business leaders.

• Mental attitude critical to sales performance, yet most training schemes just scraping the surface.

• Groundbreaking R=A+C+E® training formula in high demand with companies eager to completely transform sales results.

IN TODAY’S increasingly tough business world, the temptation may be to concentrate on the skills and effort put in by the sales force; yet sales training consultancy Whitten & Roy Partnership believes that just as crucial is the power of attitude.

The company’s approach to solving sales challenges and driving results is grounded in their belief that attitude is the key success factor. Although attitude is currently trending in the training world, discussion predominately concentrates on the problem, not the solution.

Dr. Roy Whitten, joint chief executive officer of Whitten & Roy Partnership, says: “There are certainly a large number of effective sales training programmes around but, to our knowledge, none of them focuses on actually solving the attitude challenge the same way as we do.”

Scott Roy, joint chief executive officer of Whitten & Roy Partnership, adds: “What seems obvious is that many trainers and also human resources professionals have a finger on the symptom but don’t have the solution to make it work. Managers need to know how to manage attitude; they need to want to do it. We believe we’ve cracked it with our techniques such as Split/Attention™.”

Founded in 2009, Whitten & Roy Partnership takes a radically different approach to sales training that benefits from the combined experience of its two founders. Dr. Roy Whitten is an expert in attitude and its role in human performance. In over 40 years as a trainer, consultant and coach, he has personally coached and trained over 100,000 people. Scott Roy, an expert in the art of selling and sales management, has built and run large sales teams as well as founding a nationwide insurance company. Additionally, both have extensive experience of sales and training in the non-profit sector.

Together, they have developed an approach that utilises a transformational formula devised by Scott Roy through which sales results can be improved by addressing three critical factors at the same time: attitude, competence and execution. This is known as R=A+C+E® and via a bespoke method designed in partnership with each client the skills thus delivered fundamentally transform results and empower sales leaders.

Dr. Roy Whitten says: “Attitude is not black or white. It’s complex and covers qualities like purposefulness, resilience, integrity, self-discipline and enthusiasm. It shifts quickly and unexpectedly and, once it shifts, it has a huge impact on people’s ability to perform, particularly salespeople. We’re on a mission to help others to unlock and control their attitude.”

The key technique – Split/Attention™ – transforms professional performance by enabling individuals to be in the present moment, enhancing their natural ability to learn and perform at their best – an ability that human beings exercise naturally for the first few years of their lives.

Specifically, it involves placing and holding one’s attention in two places at once. The technique is easy to learn and the great majority of the people who have completed Whitten & Roy Partnership’s training programme rate it as one of the most important benefits. With regular practice, by applying the Split/Attention™ technique, people’s attitude can be radically changed, resulting in a more alert, more confident and clearer-thinking state of being.

Dr. Roy Whitten, whose PhD dissertation was on the subject of Transformative Learning and Change, explains: “When we fully concentrate on what we are doing – right here and right now – we think more clearly. Free from inner self-definitions, people start to focus on what they can do, instead of what they can’t.”

All Whitten & Roy Partnership training packages are bespoke solutions built on effective partnership agreements to transform sales results over time. Typically, over the course of some months, the programme covers problem diagnosis, a discovery phase, intensive training days and an implementation phase.

Scott Roy says: “Quick-fix half-day courses and so-called ‘motivational’ tactics don’t work to change self-belief. In our longstanding experience we have learned that you need to invest in people to work on transforming beliefs.”

Half of Whitten & Roy Partnership’s current client work is focused on helping funding agencies, NGOs and social enterprises in the developing world, often involving truly life-changing products. Three of these recent projects won prestigious international awards. The other line of client work covers clients from the commercial sector such as a leading global telecoms company. Whitten & Roy Partnership is also the official sales partner for the Ashden Foundation.

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Whitten & Roy Partnership is an international sales consultancy that helps leading businesses and organisations transform their sales results. Founded in 2009 by sales experts Dr. Roy Whitten and Scott Roy as a boutique business, Whitten & Roy Partnership today operates in 19 countries around the world.

Drawing on several decades of sales experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, and with a background in psychology and business development, Whitten & Roy Partnership focus their operations equally on two areas: transforming the experience of selling in the commercial sector; and teaching thoughtful sales development for social enterprises in the developing world to help eradicate poverty. In 2012, Whitten & Roy Partnership opened its own WRP Training Academy.

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