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A winning formula: Whitten & Roy Partnership collaborating with Ashden to support sustainable energy pioneers in the developing world

It’s a real honour to help the responsible selling of products that are not just low carbon but can also be life-changing.

Leading international sales consultancy Whitten & Roy Partnership is proud to confirm its continued collaboration with the sustainable energy charity Ashden to support businesses bringing sustainable energy products to developing countries.

Prior to the 2015 Ashden Awards ceremony – taking place tonight at the Royal Geographical Society – Whitten & Roy Partnership met with companies shortlisted for the International Award to discuss the sales challenges they face. One of the Award winners’ perks is to receive bespoke professional sales training from Whitten & Roy Partnership.

Scott Roy, joint chief executive officer of Whitten & Roy Partnership, says: “We’re excited to be involved in these awards which recognise some of the most innovative and effective companies working in the developing world today. It’s a real honour to help the responsible selling of products that are not just low carbon but can also be life-changing.“

Whitten & Roy Partnership’s collaboration with Ashden dates back to 2012 when a company called Hydrologic – which had benefitted from Whitten & Roy Partnership’s advice on selling to developing countries – won the Award. Ashden then selected Whitten & Roy Partnership as a key partner and invited them to become a key sales training partner as part of its Business Support Network.

From rice agriculture to rocket manufacturing, Whitten & Roy Partnership helps businesses transform their sales results and ultimately create behavioural change. With many decades of sales experience, including a proven track record of enhancing sales skills in different organisations, countries and selling situations – from door-to-door to complex sales – Whitten & Roy Partnership is perfectly placed to be partnering with the prestigious charity Ashden.

In the last few years Whitten & Roy Partnership has worked with many social enterprises in countries such as Cambodia, Nepal, Uganda and Kenya. Strategic sales training and advice is one of the rewards that Ashden offers to the Award winners who get the support they need to set up a winning sales strategy, hiring and training the right managers and salespeople and improving sales competence around a human-centric selling process.

Scott Roy adds: “We find that a similar problem is repeated over and over again both in the developing world and the commercial sector. There’s a lack of clear understanding about how to sell. A common saying is that selling means convincing people to buy what they don’t want or need; the way we see selling is helping smart buyers understand their problems, the cost of the problem and finally the best solution and the value of that solution. It’s all about educating the buyer.”

Some of the previous Ashden Award winners whose sales results Whitten & Roy Partnership have helped to increase include:
• Water filtration company Hydrologic Social Enterprise (Cambodia, 2012),
• Solar photovoltaics company Barefoot Power Limited (Africa, 2012),
• Clean energy non-profit Impact Carbon (Africa, 2013),
• Solar photovoltaics company Off Grid Electric(East Africa, 2014),
• Water pumps company Proximity Design (Myanmar, 2014).

He concludes: “We’re immensely grateful to Ashden for the opportunity to contribute to the transition towards a low-carbon world. It’s a hugely gratifying experience to create a win-win situation for both the Award winners and the many tens of thousands of people in the developing world who are going to benefit from the often life-changing products.”

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About Whitten & Roy Partnership:
Whitten & Roy Partnership is an international sales consultancy that helps leading businesses and organisations transform their sales results. Founded in 2009 by sales experts Dr. Roy Whitten and Scott Roy as a boutique business, Whitten & Roy Partnership today operates in 19 countries around the world.

Drawing on several decades of sales experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, and with a background in psychology and business development, Whitten & Roy Partnership focus their operations equally on two areas: transforming the experience of selling in the commercial sector; and teaching thoughtful sales development for social enterprises in the developing world to help eradicate poverty. In 2012, Whitten & Roy Partnership opened its own WRP Training Academy.

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About Ashden:
The Ashden Awards were set up in 2001 to champion trailblazing sustainable energy enterprises and programmes that improve people’s lives and tackle climate change. Since then we have rewarded and supported more than 170 winners across the UK and the rest of the globe. Ashden Award winners have improved the lives of 45 million people worldwide, and are now saving over 8 million tonnes of carbon emissions every year.