WightFibre offer 100Mb/100Mb Essential Broadband package for only £16.50 /month.

John Irvine CEO WightFibre
John Irvine CEO WightFibre
Gigabit Island rollout
Gigabit Island rollout

WightFibre is the first broadband provider to use the new Department of Work and Pensions online eligibility checker.

WightFibre today announced their Essential Broadband Package is available for easy online ordering with automated eligibility checks for those on Universal or Pension Credit. WightFibre’s Essential Broadband package has been available for some time, but Government is asking all broadband providers to promote these deals more actively with statistics showing only 1.2% of those eligible have taken advantage of such a package.

WightFibre has gone one step further and is the first service provider to implement a new service run by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). This allows WightFibre to verify – with customers’ permission – they are in receipt of Universal or Pension Credit and therefore eligible for WightFibre’s Essential Broadband Package. The company will also allow existing customers to move to these new tariffs without penalty.

WightFibre’s normal price for 100Mb/100Mb broadband is £24.95 so customers will save over £100/year moving to this tariff and will save even more if moving from higher priced competitors. The new system will also simplify the ordering process for customers by removing the need for them to prove their eligibility. Instead, eligibility will be checked automatically every month using the new DWP service

WightFibre CEO, John Irvine is delighted to score another first for WightFibre and the Isle of Wight.

WightFibre CEO, John Irvine, said:
“WightFibre’s ‘because we care’ ethos means we are committed to making full-fibre broadband available to all sections of our Island community not just to those who can afford it. Our Essential Broadband Package is no slimmed down offering. It is exactly the same package as our Residential Full-Fibre 100/100 package”.

The WightFibre Essential Broadband package includes 100Mb upload AND 100Mb download as well as a free pay as you go telephone line but costs only £16.50 instead of £24.95 per month. The package, as with all WightFibre packages, is on a monthly rolling contract with no minimum commitment. Anyone on Universal or Pension Credit can apply through our Online Order process on www.wightfibre.com/order or by calling our friendly Island-based Sales team on 01983 240 240.

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Chloe Smith, said:
“Our new broadband eligibility checker is an important tool to help people on low incomes access cheaper internet, and is another example of how the Government is helping the most vulnerable with the rising cost of living.

“I’m pleased that WightFibre are using this to offer their eligible customers significant savings, and I encourage other providers to look at how our eligibility checker could help people across the country save on their broadband bills.”

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Deon Redpath, Marketing Director 01983 240125
Email: deon.redpath@wightFibre.com.

About WightFibre.
Since 2001, WightFibre has owned and operated its’ own telecommunications infrastructure entirely independently of BT Openreach. WightFibre provides phone, tv and broadband services to homes and businesses on the Isle of Wight. Only WightFibre is committed to building a full-fibre broadband network across the whole Island.
The WightFibre Gigabit Island Project will see full-fibre broadband deployed to around 75,000 homes and business across the Island by 2023 and is already available to over 40,000 households. The scale of this significant civil engineering project is reflected in figures that show how 500 Kilometers of trenches will be dug, containing 5 million meters of duct and 750 million meters of fibre-optic cable as this full-fibre, ultrafast and future-proof broadband network continues to roll out across the Island. www.wightfibre.com

Those interested in receiving the new gigabit broadband services can apply online at www.wightfibre.com