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The Wildlife Sound Recording Society’s (WSRS) annual sound recording competition has been won by Martin Garnett, a former Forest Ranger and professional ornithologist, for his recording entitled Black Grouse. The winning recording captures the magical bubbling calls of three blackcock, dancing and sparring as they compete to attract female birds one early morning at their remarkable courtship gathering known as a “lek”.

Martin has put his win down to having many years’ experience of monitoring Black Grouse leks in Wales as part of his job and, for the winning recording, had spent months researching the site along with his wife Annie.

Martin tells of the build up to the winning recording:
“As Black Grouse are quite rare and susceptible to disturbance, we took special care not to disturb them at all. To begin with our modus operandi was to leave unattended recorders at two leks and observe the birds from a distance, returning to pick up the...

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