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Chris Dyson wins the Trilby Tour 2010 Amateur Championship

Chris Dyson Trilby Tour Champion 2010

to have watched it on TV and then to be a part of it feels incredibly surreal. It feels like it's happening to somebody else

The search for the Amateur Champion came to a head last night when 42yr old manager Chris Dyson won the four man playoff at The Buckinghamshire to lift the Trilby Tour 2010 championship title.

Chris Dyson fought off intense competition to win the Amateur Champion title in the nationally televised William Hunt Trilby Tour. The series which is now airing on Sky Sports showed the 42yr old manager from West Sussex shoot a round of 40points to make it into the play-off, beating finalists from across England, Ireland and Scotland.

His first time in the Trilby Tour, Dyson comes top from an initial field of a thousand competitors.

“I am in complete shock - to have watched it on TV and then to be a part of it feels incredibly surreal. It feels like it's happening to somebody else"

The tour took place across nine selected clubs during the summer and is staged to give amateur golfers a taste of competing in a professional event under professional conditions. Players faced a one day 18-hole game with the finalists entering a three hole play-off to determine the winner.

“It is hands down totally different from any another event. It has a level of professionalism that puts it above even some of the European Tour events.

“With the cameras, the banners, the marshalls, the outfits and the crowds - you look and feel a million dollars and really feel like you are playing in a professional event. I've heard so many people say it but its absolutely true - the Trilby Tour genuinely makes you feel like a professional golfer for the day. It's truly fantastic.”

Founder William Hunt says
“The sheer determination and quality of players this year has been staggering – guys come back year after year and each time they almost make it. I watched Chris at the Park and saw him lose out by a margin. But I could see that he’d learnt from his mistakes and really pushed himself at the finals.

The Trilby Tour is all about having balls of steel, it’s a Winner Takes All – there’s no room for second best. My big congratulations to Chris Dyson – he’s a worthy winner in every way. “

Chris Dyson wins a trip to Callaway for a set of personalized clubs and a personal lesson with David Leadbetter.

Entry to the 2011 Trilby Tour is now open. For more information about the William Hunt Trilby Tour please visit

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