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In the last few years the revenue has paid out literally millions of pounds to construction workers for travel expenses claims going back up to six years but soon that is all set to change and anyone who may still be entitled to claim over that period may lose out. At the end of January the claim period will be reduced to five years, with a further cut to four years at the end of April.

Said Jan Post of tax claims specialist Rift: “with almost no warning at all, the Government has decided to cut two years off the entitlement period – a step that could save the Revenue millions of pounds but which will cause hardship to many.

“This year a considerable number of our clients have been victims of the recession, which has been particularly severe in the construction industry. Thousands of workers have been laid off, made redundant or are struggling to pick up work here and there. Many of these people are experiencing severe financial hardship – even to...

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