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A survey of Britain's veterinary surgeons has found that their perfect pet is a mongrel called Poppy, or a domestic short haired cat called Maisey.

As part of the survey, carried out by, this country's vets were asked about their lifestyle and choice of pet. Editor Arlo Guthrie said: "We thought vets' collective choice of pet might prove instructive for members of the public thinking about buying an animal."

Dogs were the most popular pet, owned by 66% of vets, with cats in a close second, owned by 63%. Fish came third at 18%, followed by small furries in fourth (16%), farm animals (16%), horses and ponies (13%), reptiles (7%), and birds (6%).

One remarkable finding was the number of rescue animals owned by vets. 75% of the cats they've given a home to and 44% of the dogs are rescued. Arlo said: "Imagine if doctors were that charitable...

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