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Majority of mums have thought about setting up their own businesses and many are doing so

63% of working mums have considered setting up their own business

Almost two thirds of working mums have considered setting up their own businesses and 38% have put the wheels in motion, according to’s annual survey.

The survey of over 2,390 working parents, sponsored by McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd, covers a wide variety of issues, from childcare and flexible working to finances, discrimination and self employment.

It shows 63% of working mums have considered setting up their own business or franchise, up significantly on last year’s figure of 57%. Of these, 62% are just considering it while 21% are in the early stages of setting up and the rest are looking at business ideas and plans. In terms of what might help them start a business, 65% say they would find access to business funding useful, 52% would like advice on writing a business plan, 50% want ideas on the kinds of business they could start, 22% want advice on IT infrastructure and 48% would like business mentoring. Only 16% need advice on hiring staff.

Recent figures from the Office for National Statistics show the number of women in self-employment is increasing at a faster rate than the number of men. In 2014 women made up just under one third of the self-employed (1.4 million). Since 2009 the number of self-employed women has increased by 34%. By comparison over the past five years the number of self-employed men has risen by 15% to 3.1 million in 2014.

Women interviewed by say a large part of the reason they have turned to self employment is to get greater flexibility without having to sacrifice some of their skills to do so. Rebecca McDermott used to be a senior manager for an international chain of hotels, but she has swapped the daily four-hour commute for running a cleaning franchise from her own home and says she has no regrets. “I loved my job, but I started to think that I wanted to be closer to home and that spending 11 hours with a childminder was not the best thing for my daughter. Plus there’s lots of variety in what I’m doing now and I am ambitious to grow the business.”

The survey shows 36% of women say their job is not very or not at all flexible. Forty one per cent say childcare is not flexible enough for their needs and 57% of those who are not in a job say childcare costs are making it difficult for them to return.

The survey shows that in addition to considering starting their own business, many women are looking to switch profession. Some 29% had retrained in the last year and 24% had retrained in the last two to three years. Some 64% said they would be interested in retraining if courses were more flexible.

Gillian Nissim, founder of, said: “There are many reasons women are considering starting their own business, but the sheer numbers raise questions about why women are prepared to turn their backs on employment and take the often riskier route associated with self employment. Many of the women who we speak to who have set up their own businesses mention flexibility as a key issue and also the support they get from other women who have set up their own businesses. This is surely food for thought for employers and policymakers.”

Contact Mandy Garner on 07789 106435 or email for more information. Full details of the annual survey can be found here.

Notes to editors:

*The survey was based on responses from 2,391 working parents. 98% are women. 24% are aged between 25-34 years old, 52% are between 35-44 years old, and 24% are either below 24 or above 45. The most common household income brackets was over 50k (32%). 12% have a household income between £40k and £50k per year and 13% have a household income between £30k and £40k per year. The rest have a household income less than £30k per year. 69% of the respondents are currently working. 72% have more than 10 years work experience, with 49% having more than 15 years experience. 34% are management level or above, with 32% having had more than 5 years management experience.

* is the number one jobs and community site for professional working mothers. It has over 320,000 registered users and works with thousands of employers. It also has Franchise and Business Zones with advice, support and inspiration for those women who are thinking of setting up their own businesses.

*Partnering with franchisees, McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd operates just over 1,225 outlets in the UK, delivering a quick service restaurant experience to over 3 million customers per day. One of its greatest strengths is its diversity; it has 97,000 employees ranging in age from 16 to 85 and originating from over 100 different countries. Its fast paced environment appeals to all ages and its experience has shown that the right blend of youth and experience can make a real difference.

Around 45% of its employees are women; many of them juggling a career with family commitments. Its restaurants offer part time positions, flexible working and even the opportunity to work on the
UK’s first ‘Friends and Family’ contract – which allows friends and family working in the same restaurant to share and cover each other’s shifts without the need to inform management in advance. This flexibility has particularly benefited women with caring responsibilities and students with deadlines to meet.