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Based on a NASA experiment, Space Ants

Exciting children’s website offers lots of Christmas gift ideas

Fed up of the hordes of plastic and expensive Christmas toys and gift ideas advertised all over the television and internet? Then help is at hand! This Christmas, Little Terra is the ideal place to shop for a host of surprising stocking fillers for both boys and girls, offering lots of good old-fashioned fun. And as prices start from only £1.99 they won’t cost you the earth either!

Carolyn Budding, director at Little Terra, a really different website, dedicated to inspiring children back outdoors, said:

‘Children love being outside, bug hunting in their garden, cycling, jumping in muddy puddles or simply racing to the top of a hill on a walk. They often just need a bit of encouragement to venture away from the TV or Play Station.”

Check out the Little Terra website for some Christmas inspiration:

Under £5
o Aunties and Uncles, neighbours, pre-school friends and anyone looking for little stocking fillers will love Little Terra’s Mini Construction Kits priced at ONLY £1.99. Little ones will also love building their own mini vehicle and as they’re made from plain wood they get to paint them afterwards too – double the fun! Approx size of vehicles 12x6x6cm

o Encourage your little terras to look after the local wildlife this winter with this lovely little Birdie Bistro, at £4.99. This smart bird feeding station comes with one feed block and is available in red, blue or yellow.

£5 to £10
o Another grandparent’s pleaser! A cute Little Pals Gardening Starter Kit for £5.95 - comprising a fork, gloves and plant marker for aspiring little green fingers everywhere and available in pink or green for boys and girls.

o If you’ve ever watched the films Antz or Bug’s Life with your kids then you will love Space Ants at £9.99 -a modern take on the traditional ant farm. The nutritious gel allows you to see the ants live and work more clearly –fAntastic!

o Knitting is making a come back and Nans and Grans won’t be able to resist this retro Knitting Doll £5. The kits include one doll, in three different designs, complete with wool and knitting needles and will provide hours of creative fun.

o Another innovative and useful idea is this Santa Torch; only £5 and no batteries required.

Over £10
o Little Terra’s top Christmas present this year for all budding conservationists - Butterfly Garden, £14.99. Watch as caterpillars turn into colourful Painted Lady butterflies then release them into the garden. Includes certificate for five caterpillars and food.

o Zip Bin Country Stable £17.50.A beautiful stable shaped storage chest / carry case that opens up into a paddock play mat. Comes with two horses and two riders. Perfect for pony loving little girls.

Over £20
o Explorer Junior Walking poles £24.99. These walking poles are a proper junior sized version of mum and dad’s – designed to get the kids dragging you out for a walk for a change. Telescopic, with a wrist strap and basket to stop them sinking into the mud.

o Tyrrell Katz Backpacks £22.95 – a neat children's back pack with zipped front pocket and two side pockets. A great size for school, travel, out on walks or just for keeping all their favourite Christmas presents in! In ballet, horses and bugs designs. is dedicated to inspiring children back outdoors and offers everything they need to enjoy, learn, explore and have some old-fashioned fun outside.


Notes to editors:

The Little Terra launch comes at a time when the need to encourage children to explore and have fun outdoors is receiving increasing prominence. A recent survey by the National Trust highlighted the fact that many youngsters could identify sci-fi characters but couldn’t name a magpie. Little Terra is a sister company to Terra Nova Equipment, the Derbyshire based award winning outdoor gear manufacturer and designers of the world’s lightest tent.

Little Terra also has a high street retail shop in Derby, complete with pond and bridge.

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Carolyn Budding
Little Terra
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