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Xyglo is pleased to announce the immediate release of "Friendlier" - a totally new way of looking at text editing and code development for Windows.

Friendlier is a text editor, a source code management and build tool that immerses the developer in a 3D work experience.

Friendlier uses 3D modelling and game technology to present the editing and project management windows. You can still do everything you would expect - cut, paste, navigate, undo, redo, search, scroll - but now you can do it while immersed in your code. Source files float next to each other, the build key moves you to the build output window but then you can continue editing as you go.

You can see it in action by having a look at our video.

Friendlier features include:

- Beautiful 3D user interface
- Touch-like navigation (moving between windows, zooming)
- Full...

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