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Research by mobile sports betting specialist BETFUZE shows that 65% of UK football fans will use their mobile phones to follow the football World Cup and fans will place over £1 Billion in bets during the competition, with 30% of fans placing bets on their mobile.

The research showed that while 6 out of 10 UK fans will watch games at home, the UK audience is more likely than the rest of the world to watch matches from the pub, with 40% compared to 31% in other countries. Fans will consume an extra 32 million pints even before the start of the Quarter Finals, adding £125 million in revenue to the economy.

Social media will be at the core of the World Cup experience, with nearly 75% of football fans active on social media at the same time as watching the game on TV.
The favourite social network for game updates is Twitter, with 35% of fans saying that they will use the channel to keep up to date on new developments; however, the preferred arena...

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