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Radical new book, ‘Yoni Shakti’ unveils the true potential of yoga and female spiritual empowerment

The book that women have been waiting for is finally here - Yoni Shakti, a ground-breaking work about yoga and feminine power written by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, renowned yoga therapist, yoga teacher-trainer, mother and author.

A culmination of Uma’s forty-four years of yoga practice and twenty years of teaching,Yoni Shakti combines vivid real life stories with radical feminism, poetic meditations with guided yoga practices, and historical explorations with philosophical debates. Literally translated as ‘Source Power’, Yoni Shakti unearths the wisdom and insight, freedom and power that women can experience through a feminine approach to yoga that honours each cycle of a woman’s life, nourishing her health, self-esteem, sexuality and spirituality.

Prepare for a paradigm shift, as this trail-blazing work presents an...

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