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A new B vitamin study out this week suggests the lowering of a naturally occurring amino acid, called Homocysteine, is proof that brain shrinkage can be arrested to protect against Alzheimer’s.

And it is YorkTest that have led the way in developing a unique patented test for Homocysteine that can identify those at risk.

Brain shrinkage is one of the symptoms which often leads to dementia and a definitive trial by a team at Oxford University has shown that through high doses of Vitamin B, it will lower the Homocysteine level which can slow down or reverse the age-related memory decline and prevent you from developing Alzheimer’s and, if a person already has it, prevent it from getting worse.

B vitamins themselves only act to lower Homocysteine levels – the real indicator to your chances of developing dementia. It is this amino acid in the blood that causes damage. High levels of Homocysteine are associated with faster brain shrinkage and...

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