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The Latest Edition of Yosemite’s Flagship Backup Software Offers a Super-Charged Recovery Solution
Fresno, Calif. – Sept 15, 2003 – Yosemite Technologies today announced that HP (NYSE:HPQ) is now shipping TapeWare XE Version 7.0 with a range of HP tape drives. HP customers have been receiving TapeWare XE bundled with HP tape drives for several years now. The latest release of TapeWare XE -- Version 7.0 with enhanced functionality -- has now replaced TapeWare XE Version 6.3 in HP bundled tape drive products. HP tape drives bundled with TapeWare XE include selected DAT, first-generation LTO Ultrium, and DLT VS products. HP includes TapeWare XE with its tape drives to provide a complete backup solution straight out of the box.

TapeWare XE Version 7.0 incorporates a robust feature-set, including a new Web Gateway to provide centralized or remote management for cross-platform environments; and interleaving, which can handle up to eight data streams per tape device....

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