Monster Capture bed launched to help tackle the rise in monster scare cases

With Halloween around the corner, a UK based bed company have launched a monster capture bed to help kids fight off the monsters under their bed.

A kids bed has been launched by UK-based bed company, Bed Guru, to help children and parents capture the monsters that have been terrorising kids across the country.

The Monster Proof kids bed not only comes with a motion-sensitive capture cage to catch the monster before it escapes, the mattress is also infused with odourless garlic and wolfsbane to ward off vampires and werewolves. The frame is fitted with a silver lining, the bright colours are notoriously bad for monsters and the salt lined around the frame will keep away demons and ghosts.

The bed has received mixed reviews with Sam and Dean Winchester giving it a 5* review complimenting its monster capture capabilities. Sully from Monsters. Inc, however, stated that the bed has put him and his friends out of a job.

Founder of Bed Guru, Carl Walsh commented:

“We’ve been inundated with requests from parents to help them with their monster problems so we thought we’d create a solution for them. We really hope this bed helps to get rid of the problem and our children can have a peaceful and monster-free night’s sleep!”

This bed is set to finally put a stop to the monsters that have been plaguing children for so long. The bed has already received rave reviews from users across the world and is set to be a game changer for parents.


Further information on the launch -
Bed Guru is a bed retailer that specialises in a whole lot more than just beds.
Bed Guru was launched as an online retailer in 2013 by owner Carl Walsh having first launched as a shop based family business in the 1900s.
They recently launched a campaign to show people why sleep is important
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