Data shows a worrying amount of UK fireworks displays are not wheelchair accessible

A UK based mobility company has found that 72% of UK fireworks displays do not advertise accessibility for wheelchair users on their websites.

Research was recently undertaken by a Yorkshire-based online mobility company, Fenetic Wellbeing to determine how many fireworks displays across the country provide easy access for the disabled.

They researched over 70 displays, analysing their websites to find any accessibility information made available for those who need it. This included whether they had a dedicated accessibility page on the website or specific disability or accessibility information on the events page. The research unearthed that a startling 80% of the displays analysed had no disability page.

The research also found that 62% of the events reviewed didn’t provide any disability information anywhere on their website. This data suggests that a surprising amount of displays across the country are either not accessible, or if they are, are not promoting it. Even if the information is available, it’s not easy to find.

The research can be found here -

Co-founder of Fenetic Wellbeing, Tom Appelbee commented on the findings:

“We were incredibly surprised to see just how many fireworks displays across the country are either not accessible at all or don’t promote the information readily on their website. For what is one of the biggest nights of the year, displays should be open for all to attend, and for me, this research highlights an issue that should be resolved. Organisers need to ensure that those with limited mobility can join in with the celebrations on and around the 5th November.”


Fenetic Wellbeing specialise in making mobility products affordable, selling wheelchairs, mobility scooters and other mobility aids.
They were founded in 2009 by Tom Applebee and Graeme Firth in Keighley, West Yorkshire.
They’ve collected multiple awards including Entrepreneur of the Year, Business of the Year, and Independent Trader of the Year at the Keighley Business Awards.
More information about the research can be found here including a map of the UK events -
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