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Interview opportunity - Zen founder Richard Tang on bucking the trend of below-par broadband

dig a little deeper and one company stands out for the right reasons

“Broadband has more unhappy customers”

“Broadband woes hit more than half of UK households”

“Most Brits have problems with their broadband”

Just a few of the headlines generated by the latest Which? Customer satisfaction survey for broadband. The big providers like BT and TalkTalk were singled out for criticism, which is par for the course after the bi-annual poll. Publicity around the results emphasised the negative, giving the impression that UK broadband customers can expect a universally dismal experience.

But dig a little deeper and one company stands out for the right reasons. Zen has national reach, over 100,000 customers and a wide portfolio of broadband products. The big difference between Zen and big name providers is that Zen has again been named the top Which? recommended provider for broadband, and this time we received our highest ever customer satisfaction score – 91% - extending our lead over our nearest rival to 20 points.

That’s not all. We also came top overall in a mystery shopper test Which? published at the same time as the customer satisfaction survey, and were named the least complained about of any major ISP.

But nobody talks about Zen, because we don’t fit the downbeat agenda.

To find out how an ISP bucks the trend and creates a broadband service that consistently delivers award-winning results and happy customers, we’d like to invite you to interview CEO Richard Tang, either in person or on the phone. Richard can speak about problems in the broadband industry more generally, and how Zen’s ‘people-first’ approach to staff, customers and suppliers helps it sidestep those issues. He will talk about Zen’s absolute commitment to customer service and the business independence that supports it.

Richard has strong and newsworthy opinions on a range of connected subjects. He believes passionately that profits should service the interests of people, and never the other way round. He argues that Zen is a small step towards a more caring, responsible capitalist model. He emphasises the connection between these principles and Zen’s recurring position as the UK’s most respected national ISP.


For more information or to arrange an interview with Richard Tang on the secrets behind a great broadband service, please contact Hugh Wilson at