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Now Boarding: ZeroLight’s Aircraft Virtual Reality Demo set to land at VRTGO

ZeroLight Virtual Reality Airline Demo

Virtual Reality will have a huge impact for designers of highly configurable interior spaces such as buildings, trains, boats and aeroplanes.

ZeroLight, headline sponsors of VRTGO, announced today that they will be showcasing their new virtual reality aircraft interior project at the event.

ZeroLight is a technology solutions agency specialising in real-time visualisation technologies. Their solutions are used in sectors as broad as automotive, aviation, marine, consumer electronics and retail. The company is leading innovation in high-fidelity visual technologies including virtual reality.

Marketing director, Jason Collins said, “Virtual Reality will have a huge impact for designers of highly configurable interior spaces such as buildings, trains, boats and aeroplanes. Until recently, this industry relied on physical or paper models to analyse space use – VR is set to revolutionise this process and I’m proud to reveal our demo as a launch pad for this step-change.”

The airline interior demo, which uses a configuration and seats designed in-house, allows users to explore both first and economy class cabins, experiencing the space and features available.

Doug Wolff executive producer said, “The ZeroLight airline interior demo at VRTGO is designed to start the conversation about how a broad set of industries can use virtual reality to improve existing functions such as product design, manufacturing, training, sales and marketing.” Wolff continued, “It showcases some of the design choices that are available in ZeroLight virtual reality experiences. It provides an example of a structured experience in which the user is guided through an environment to engage with each of the key areas and features.”

This approach to a VR experience helps OEMs and brands to draw attention to specific elements within their virtual environment as well as create definable start and end points.

“We design and build all of our technology solutions to deliver on the objectives of the client,” said Collins, “It’s not a one-size-fits-all industry. How structured an experience should be is just one of the factors that go into our design process.”

ZeroLight’s Doug Wolff will also be leading one of the sessions at the conference and will address some of the key learnings and considerations for building a commercial virtual reality experience.

The launch of virtual reality solutions designed and powered by ZeroLight builds on the hugely successful real-time 3D virtual showroom solution which allows OEM’s to showcase complex and highly detailed products in an interactive and customisable environment.

VRTGO takes place in Newcastle-upon-Tyne on Thursday 11 September 2014, for tickets and more information see .

About ZeroLight

ZeroLight is a world-leading technology solutions agency specialising in high-fidelity, interactive visualisations. ZeroLight designs, builds and powers engaging solutions ranging from virtual showrooms and virtual reality experiences to augmented reality and visualisation applications. Engineered from the ground-up to be cross-platform, ZeroLight solutions empower clients to take full advantage of new and emerging display technologies including 4K resolution screens, cloud-powered web, phones, tablets and video wall installations.

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