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The Revolutionary Glass Nail File.

Glass Nail Files are the latest innovation in the nail industry. They are the perfect solution for shaping both Natural and Artificial nails. The files are very gentle on the natural nail and with regular use can help prevent splitting and peeling and they give a lovely smooth finish.
Glass files are hygienic and can be washed and sterilised after each use. When cleaned they retain their original appearance and look and feel like "new".
Never buy another nail file again!

The Glass Nail File comes in three different shapes; each of them have either one or two filing sides, with either a round or pointed end.
The Glass Nail Files comes in various decorations ie: vibrant colours, signs of the zodiac, flowers, animals.

Our research with a Focus Group aimed at women consumers aged between 21 and 40 years, suggests that 65% were impressed by the very smooth finish on Natural and Acrylic...

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