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More Than 3,000 Blogs Now Signed Up To Service to Improve Blogger Outreach

A database allowing marketers to research and contact opted-in bloggers has just passed the 3,000 blog milestone, across a wide range of blog categories. is the only searchable multiple-category blogger relations database in which every single blogger has opted in. It was launched in March by two public relations professionals who want to improve the way marketers contact bloggers.

Marketers can choose to subscribe to the database from four different packages, from individual access allowing internal messaging through to unlimited user account access with the ability to export email addresses. Global brands, organisations and agencies have signed up to free trials and paid subscriptions since the service launched.

Improving the issue of marketers contacting bloggers with irrelevant pitches is at the heart of the service. Co-founders Rich Leigh and Andy Barr are both bloggers and PR professionals, giving them a unique vantage point of blogger outreach.

Uniquely, using bloggabase’s internal messaging system, bloggers can report irrelevant messages. If a marketer is reported three or more times in 24 hours, their account will be frozen whilst the bloggabase team investigate, in a bid to ensure marketers are pitching appropriately.

Bloggers have signed up due to the ability to send requests that marketers can respond to, receive targeted review opportunities, hear about relevant news and information within their areas of interest and monetise their blogs. With regards to blog monetisation, bloggabase will not provide a platform for bloggers and marketers to transfer money, but act as the platform allowing the conversation to take place.

Home and lifestyle, health and beauty, lifestyle, fashion, parenting, food and drink, technology and travel are amongst the most popular blog categories, with hundreds of bloggers signed up in each area. With transparency in mind, those interested in subscribing to the database can see a real-time graph showing the categories bloggers have specified their blogs relate to:

Marketers interested in subscribing to the database can do so at Prices start from £100 per month for individual Bronze access. Marketers can sign up for a free trial of the service at Bronze level here:

Rich Leigh, co-founder of had the following to say,

“Passing 3,000 blogs proves that bloggers are interested in hearing from brands and marketers in a relevant and targeted way, rather than the throw-enough-and-some-will-stick approach many time-strapped marketers have resorted to in the past.

“Blogger outreach is incredibly important in my mind. A mention in The Sun, or on BBC Breakfast, whilst great for vanity, may reach a few million people. But how many of these are really potential customers or users? Very few, I’d argue, for most companies. But if you approach a blogger with a service or product relevant to their audience – say, a new fitness product that gets reviewed by a fitness blogger – the percentage of potential buyers is suddenly much higher.”

“It’d be easy to go around scraping the contact information from blogs around the internet, but it’s important bloggers are signing up of their own accord – that way, you know they’re happy to be contacted, provided the pitch is relevant, something bloggabase’s search function aids with.”


For more information, please contact Rich Leigh by emailing


Public relations professionals and bloggers Andy Barr and Rich Leigh launched blogger outreach service bloggabase in March 2013.

This short video demonstrates a number of’s features: