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Embross Group is becoming a new global force in the travel kiosk business with acquisition from IBM

Embross North America Ltd., part of the Australia-based Embross Group, acquired IBM’s Global Business Services, Travel & Transportation Kiosk business in May of 2015.

The acquired business has been a global leader in self-service travel kiosks and middleware for almost 20 years. IBM has been at the forefront of passenger service kiosk solutions with more than 16,000 units delivered globally. The Toronto-based IBM business unit boasts a strong portfolio of kiosk and related solutions including market-leading Common Use Self Service (CUSS) middleware and kiosk management applications, automated passport control and its newly deployed, automated bag drop units.

Under the leadership of CEO Achilles Tzelepis, the Embross Group has been rapidly growing its market share through its differentiated approach of dynamic, flexible and design-oriented...

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