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20 today!

It’s 20 years to the day, since NetMarket claimed they conducted the very first secure retail transaction via the internet - the sale of the Album “Ten Summer’s Tales” by Sting. It’s contentious whether this really was the first secure transaction via the web, but it’s the event which the media remembers as ‘the one’.. This set the stage for the development of ecommerce and online shopping to the level we know today. The rest is history!

Here’s a brief timeline of the major shifts and developments in ecommerce in the past 20 years:


The stage was set with the development of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), by Netscape, which allowed for the secure communication of data over the internet. This opened the door to the flow of encrypted data between two parties and therefore the secure exchange of payment data.


Enter two of the biggest players in the ecommerce market today - Amazon and eBay. They proved...

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