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New website – WWW.FINDATVEXPERT.COM – clocks up early successes for experts with the 'x-pert factor' - the site for experts who want to be considered for TV&Media opportunites and for TV&Media companies looking for experts - has clocked up some early successes since its launch on the 28th of April, 2008.

Researchers, producers, heads of development and commissioners from top broadcasters and TV production companies are registering and searching the site for experts – from the BBC to Zig Zag Productions and all the main players in between including Endemol, Betty, Optomen, ITV, Five, Fresh One, Leopard, Lion, Maverick, Mentorn, RDF, Ricochet, Talkback Thames, Twenty Twenty, bSkyb, etc. In addition to PR companies, Radio Producers, journalists and US-based TV production companies.

As a result, experts are being ‘found’ and fulfilling their ambition of being on TV, sharing their passion and expertise with a wider audience and increasing their media profile. Here are some of the success stories:

1. Roger Southam: Property & Consumer Affairs Expert
”If Ronseal does what it says on the tin, then Claire has hit on the web equivalent! Being a cynical, sceptical, suspicious web user I did not believe anything could work this effectively. Signed up, two week’s later my first job came through!” Roger filmed a ‘haggling’ item for This Morning, was screentested for a new BBC daytime property show and is doing a consumer phone in on BBC London Radio.

2. Sue Firth: Psychologist, Stress & Behaviour Expert
Was booked for an interview on This Morning in relation to the death of Chris Foster and his family – and has been booked again since.

3. Mark Shayler: Eco Design, Packaging & Environment Expert
Has done some work for Endemol and there are other projects in the pipeline.

4. Mark Williams-Thomas: Criminologist and Child Protection Expert
Was screentested for a new BBC1 investigative consumer show. Several other experts have been screentested for this show, including Sonia Poulter who describes herself as an “opinionated journalist: all subjects”.

5. Lindsay Blackman: Property, Interiors & Home Staging Expert
”I registered on and three weeks later I had a call from Kavanagh Communication, PR agency, asking if I’d do Radio Interviews for the launch of the new IKEA catalogue. It was a great start to my media career, boosted my confidence and gave me invaluable experience and exposure. Kavanagh said they also loved the site as they find it easy to use. For me, it was £100 well spent, as I immediately re-couped my costs. I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who wants to 'take a punt'.” Since her radio debut, Lindsay has been screentested by the BBC for a new property show.

6. Alyssa Abbey: Vitality Expert
Was approached by the PR agency handling the Magnum ice-cream account and is going to write some bespoke tips on beating the winter blues and how a little of what you fancy – ie a Magnum Mini – does you good.

7. Christine Thompson-Wells: Money Psychologist
Was paid by a PR company for her contribution to a news survey done on behalf of a leading budget store regarding the cost of living in August for family. “I was featured in the press release which was sent out to national/print & broadcast media as a news story. If you want to be found, I suggest you register with findatvexpert.”

”I knew was a service the experts needed and the industry wanted - and I'm delighted it's working because it feels great to be able to use my TV skills to help experts achieve their ambitions," said founder and ex TV Producer Claire Richmond, who turned down a 10 months TV contract last year to live off savings and get it off the ground. “Singers get spotted on the X-Factor. Experts with the ‘x-pert factor’ get found on” added Richmond. encourages everyone with the skills, training and qualification to prove they’re an expert in their field of business to register. From art therapists to zoologists and everyone in between - forensic scientists, vicars, bailiffs, embalmers, personal finance advisers, marine biologists, dentists, detectives, designers, etc – because you never know what will catch a producer’s eye and ignite the creative process.

Registration costs £100 per year and gives experts the chance to create a searchable profile and CV page, complete with photos, contact details, details of projects they’re working on that might be of interest to the media, links to professional websites, etc. More importantly, it gives experts the opportunity to be promoted to the industry by a TV professional who understands the needs of the experts and of the industry.

Members of the media looking for experts to comment on a subject or be part of a show (TV, Radio, Print, etc) can register and search the site for free:

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