Skip nav's fitness gurus share their tips for getting Motivated in March for a Beach Body in June.

”New Year resolutions get people motivated and fired up but by March they’re forgotten and the good intentions and gym memberships are no longer being used”, says findaTVexpert’s Kathryn Freeland, Celebrity Personal Trainer and MD of Absolute Fitness. “March is a great time to reassess your fitness programme as the days are getting longer and British summer time starts making it very enjoyable to train outdoors. There is also the motivation of the upcoming summer holiday, so it’s an excellent time to start exercising to get that beach body.”

If you want that beach body, here are ten top tips from some of the other fitness experts on, the site that gives experts who want to be considered for TV&Media opportunities the chance to showcase their skills to the industry and members of the media fast, free and easy access to a database of experts who can comment on a subject or be part of a show.

1. Add weights and lose lbs

”If you’re not currently training with weights, make the switch. It will speed up your metabolism, build muscle and turn your body into a fat shedding machine. findaTVexpert’s Simon Lovell: Media Fitness Guru & author of The Lunchbox Diet.

2. Be honest about food and follow the 80/20 rule

”Don’t deny the truth. Cakes are lovely. Chips are tasty. So save them for when you really want a treat and follow the 80/20 rule. What you do 80% of the time in life has the most impact. So eat healthily 80% of the time – then you can truly enjoy 20% of treat food without the guilt.” findaTVexpert’s Mark Bailey: Personal Trainer & Psychotherapist.

3. Don’t Compare & Despair

”There will always be someone who is fitter than you, who sweats less than you, who doesn’t go as red as you, etc. We are all different. The important thing is having the courage to give it a go. Try it. You might just find you enjoy it!”
findaTVexpert’s Kim Ingleby: IF 2007 Personal Trainer of the Year and founder of Energised Performance.

4. Set it in Stone

”Set a goal. You need to have something to focus on and work towards. Sign up for a charity race. Race for Life is great as it’s 5km and achievable, even for a beginner.” findaTVexpert’s Lucy Wyndham-Read: Children & Celebrity Fitness expert and founder of LWF Fitness. (There are also 5 & 10km BUPA Great Runs, Cancer Research Race for Life events & local runs across the country.)

5. Disregard Weight Loss Myths

”A safe rate of weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week - not 20 - and this is easily achievable. Eating 500kcals less per day will result in a weight loss of around 1lb per week and can be achieved by walking a couple of miles 4-5 days a week and reducing your food intake by just 10-15% (equivalent to one sandwich). findaTVexpert’s Jon Denoris: Credit Crunch Fitness, Celebrity Trainer and founder of

6. Exercise Outside for a Double Whammy

”Now that the temperature is slowly creeping up, make sure you exercise in the fresh air. Whilst getting fit you’ll also be exposing your body to sunlight and boosting its production of Vitamin D.” findaTVexpert’s Niki Wibrow: Fitness Guru & Celebrity Trainer.

7. Fitness Present

”Ask for a personal training session with a qualified fitness trainer as a birthday or anniversary present. The trainer will give you lots of ideas and support and help you feel fit and fabulous.” findaTVexpert’s Kim Ingleby.

8. Training for a Treat

”Give yourself an incentive. Set aside a sum of anything from 50p to £5.00 and every time you complete a session (or succeed in changing your behaviour around food) put the money in your jar and spend it at the end of the week/month on something you really enjoy: new clothes, new hairdo, trip to the theatre, etc.”
findaTVexpert’s Lucy Wyndham-Read.

9. Develop a fit & healthy mind and the body will follow

”Switch all negative thoughts to positive ones - ie ‘I don’t want to be overweight’ becomes ‘I want to be healthy’. Tell yourself you're a fit, strong person who eats well. It's all in the subconscious mind."
findaTVexpert’s Simon Lovell.

10. Spring into Spring

”Revise your 2009 personal health goals and make time for fitness in the same way you make time for work, sleep, family, etc. When the summer arrives, your body will thank you for your commitment.” findaTVexpert’s Mike Searle: Personal Trainer and founder of Body4Life Health & Fitness.

”I’m not a fitness expert”, says findaTVexpert founder Claire Richmond, “but I know that if you set your mind to something you can make it happen, whether it’s getting fit or starting a business – both of which I’ve done in the past year. I’ve slowly increased the distance I run from 2 miles to 8 miles in training for a 10 mile run in 6 weeks time and after 15 years making and developing TV programmes I became a TV-preneur and launched last year. It's not easy, but it's possible. And there's something about March - with its cherry blossom, daffodils and signs of new life - which makes all things seem possible."


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