Skip nav teams up with Talent TV to offer a new service for experts – the online database of experts for TV and the media – has teamed up with Jonathan Glazier, Director of Entertainment at Talent TV (an independent television production company) to provide a new service for experts: short & succinct video pitches that can be embedded into the experts’ profile page and used to help sell themselves to the TV industry. See example here.

”The TV industry wants to know what experts look and sound like on camera. But they don’t want four minutes of random, homemade clips. They want short, well shot, well lit and well produced video pitches – and Jonathan can provide that. He’s got 25 years experience in the TV business and knows what the industry wants to see and hear, which is why I’m thrilled we’ve teamed up to offer the experts this service”, says founder of, Claire Richmond.

Experts who want to take advantage of the service - and increase their chances of getting noticed by the TV industry - email their written pitches to Jonathan, who casts his editorial eye over them to make sure they’re TV relevant and provides suggestions if they’re not. A filming date is then set up at the Talent TV offices in London and Jonathan, who used to be a producer & director, films the 30-60 seconds video pitches which are then be embedded into the expert’s findaTVexpert profile page.

”Online videos are essential for anyone who has - or wants - an internet presence: from experts who are pitching themselves to the TV industry to businesses who want short narrative programmes or infommercials for their customers. So much so that Talent TV has set up a new division called Talent Digital to cater for this exploding market,” says Glazier. “And we’re delighted that findaTVexpert is one of our first customers because we understand their business. We often look for experts on findaTVexpert and know how beneficial these short videos will be to researchers, producers and execs like myself,” adds Glazier.

findaTVexpert already works with Alfi Media to provide media training for experts. Video pitches are the next step up TV ladder for the experts – and a natural progression for the business,” added Richmond.


Note to Editors/Journalists:

findaTVexpert was set up by ex TV producer Claire Richmond in April 2008. Membership is £100 p/year plus a one off £50 joining fee. Members of the media looking for experts (TV, Radio and Press) can register and search the site for free. (Register here). And if the experts have what you’re looking for, you simply contact them directly. findaTVexpert is not an agent and doesn’t get involved in fees, contracts and negotiations.

For more information:

Claire Richmond
Founder -
020 8742 2541 / 07941 456 468

Jonathan Glazier
Director of Entertainment
Talent TV
0207 822 3924