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Business Energy Comparison Site Aims High for 2014

setting the standards when it comes to finding the very best quotes for business gas and electricity

Love Energy Savings (fondly known as LES), founded in 2007, and one of the UK's first online business energy comparison sites is changing radically.

The site has gone from strength to strength since its re-branding in January 2012, and the company is recruiting further staff again ready for 2014.

Love Energy Savings is setting the standards when it comes to finding the very best quotes for business gas and electricity. Already following in its footsteps are a proliferation of competitor websites but none of them quite match the whole market business energy data that LES has been collecting since 2007.

"There's no one quite like us. There are a lot of websites already on the market targeting business energy customers. These sites do not provide the best value for money, simply because they don't have the data nor relationships with the main suppliers such as we do at Love Energy", says Phil Foster, Managing Director.

"We've helped more than 30,000 UK SME's get better prices on their gas and electricity for 6 years. It is our mission to give UK SMEs further opportunity to save money as much as we possibly can. Because we know what we're doing and understand the market, we provide the best energy prices for the whole market - none of this form-filling and receiving a 'call-back', our systems are all integrated online."

Coming to the end of the year and into 2014 brings the cold weather and already gas and electricity prices, while stable for consumers, have been rising slowly for businesses. However, the industry expects more price hiking to take place right before Winter. Love Energy Savings want SMEs to alleviate their financial constraints by savings a percentage of their costs over the next 12 months.

LES's website has recently improved and updated, and with more information about industry changes and social network sharing, and the new recruitment drive, Love Energy Savings expects 2014 to be the year it helps SME's bounce back from the laboriously slow economic recovery.

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