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Xtravirt Launches SONAR™ Reporting-as-a-Service for Virtual Infrastructure

Gavin Jolliffe, CEO Xtravirt

The new SONAR RaaS service is designed to handle the heavy-lifting involved in infrastructure reporting and data gathering and analysis

• Innovative Cloud-based Service Provides Technical and Business Summary Reports on Virtual Infrastructure and Best Practice Guidance on Resolving Detected System Issues in Minutes

• First SONAR™ RaaS Offering Delivers Automated Health Assessment Reporting and Configuration Management for VMware vSphere® Production Environments

London, UK – 17 February 2015 – Independent virtualisation and cloud specialists, Xtravirt, today announced the launch of SONAR™, the industry’s first Reporting-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution that enables IT teams to automate routine assessment of their virtual infrastructure in minutes and have access to industry best practice guidance on system remediation. The first SONAR service being released by Xtravirt will provide health assessment and configuration management reporting for environments running VMware vSphere®.

“There are many moving parts in virtual data centres and cloud infrastructure. Keeping on top of the sheer amount of changes and events being recorded as well as the mountain of data being created by monitoring tools is challenging for even the most well-resourced Ops teams,” said Gavin Jolliffe, CEO of Xtravirt. “The new SONAR RaaS service is designed to handle the heavy-lifting involved in infrastructure reporting and data gathering and analysis, making it easy for operations and converged teams to have fast, easy to work with, insight into their virtual environments and their interdependent assets, systems and networks. We’ve decided to focus our first SONAR service on VMware vSphere environments as it is the most widely deployed server virtualisation platform.”

SONAR™ Reporting-as-a-Service (RaaS) for VMware vSphere® enables organisations to proactively baseline, improve and maintain the state of their VMware vSphere® infrastructure, as well as enhance operational planning and governance. The ability to automate best practice reporting with a subscription service reduces the fiscal and administrative burdens that regularly derail the ability of IT to carry out routine health assessments and configuration management processes. With the recent announcement of VMware vSphere 6, customers will want to ensure their environment is ready to migrate to this new platform. SONAR reporting provides a ‘readiness’ check to enable a smooth migration to this latest version of vSphere.

With the summary information provided by SONAR, IT Ops can detect and resolve hidden issues before they impact service levels. They can also take a proactive approach to reporting updates with business and development teams as well as accelerate resolution of issues across different areas of the IT organisation, such as application, storage, network and security teams.

SONAR™ RaaS for VMware vSphere® provides:

• An on-demand, 42-point assessment of infrastructure against industry standard best practices, delivering prioritised and actionable recommendations for enhancements.
• Full documentation of installed infrastructure, reducing the time, cost and effort involved in documentation processes by up to 70 per cent compared with manual approaches.
• Concise, visualised and easy to digest technical and business-focused summary reports that present the essential data on the virtual production environment that IT operations ‘need to know’ and may need to share with the wider IT and business team.

“As organisations embrace cloud and move rapidly towards a software-defined infrastructure, the nature of IT delivery is being completely transformed. In order to meet business demands and deliver more with increasingly constrained resources, greater IT insight and intelligence has to be introduced,” commented Clive Longbottom, service director at analyst firm, Quocirca. “Solutions like SONAR are a great example of how IT analytics can be applied in a practical way, enabling IT to more easily identify direct value to the business in issue remediation while identifying the best places for future IT investment.”

Customer Quotes

“We were able to use SONAR to highlight to our Director areas of the infrastructure we need some more investment.” Paul Houghton, Infrastructure Engineer, London Borough of Camden

“Concise but also very comprehensive, easy to read report highlighting all you should know about the health of your infrastructure, but sometimes don’t get the time to review that often.” Andrew Keywood, IT, Kingham Capital

Pricing and Availability

• SONAR™ RaaS for VMware vSphere® will be available as a 12-month subscription service end of February 2015 and is priced at £4,740 (equivalent to £395 per month)
• For further information or to run a free health report please visit

About Xtravirt

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