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Health is Wealth: white paper and print magazine published

the zone magazine - wellbeing at work

Shaping the wellbeing narrative for business

Health and wellbeing at work have been put under the spotlight through the 2020 pandemic.

Boris’s Better Health Campaign calls for the obese to lose weight to help protect against the virus; recent you gov surveys reveal a widespread increase in anxiety as well as a deterioration in wellbeing, and we are being urged to focus on the health of our minds.

In response, start-up publishing company, i-wellbeing has published a White Paper in partnership with The Sussex Innovation Centre (SINC): Fit for work in the era of COVID-19: Healthy is the new wealthy.

This concise white paper from i-wellbeing/SINC highlights why wellbeing at work matters now, more than ever.

Highlights from the report

- The evidence shows that businesses must reflect the importance of wellbeing in their culture, and nurture steps towards a healthier future for all, by ensuring that employee wellbeing is non-negotiable.

- FTSE 100 companies that prioritise employee engagement and wellbeing outperform the rest of the FTSE 100 by 10%.

- Wellbeing is about “protecting your human capital, your most valuable asset”.

Download the White Paper here

About i-wellbeing

i-wellbeing are promising to help business shape their wellbeing narrative with the print publication, the zone.

In the latest issue, long-form articles include interviews with two leaders in global HR discussing wellbeing at work, and a two-part piece examining the next normal. These articles sit with lighter, guides to nutrition, fitness, self and trends, as well as bespoke real-life stories, company wellbeing diary and events.

i-wellbeing will launch the full multi-media, digital platform providing businesses with bespoke content and interactive tools in 2021, which is being offered free to those who sign up for the print magazine before December 31st 2020.

Print is to words what vinyl is to music... i-wellbeing are leading the way for the new pathway for print, providing bespoke publications born in the digital landscape...Read more on why we’ve launched a print magazine.

Editorial director, Fiona Bugler, has worked in fitness and health for 30 years and has a background as a journalist /editor and content consultant for leading brands in health, fitness and wellbeing.

For more information or interviews, email or call 07733 321 938.


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Shaping the wellbeing narrative for business