i.level software launches iPad Order Taker for fashion industry

iPad Order Taker
iPad Order Taker

London – March 26th, 2013 – i.level software is today launching the UK’s first iPad order taking solution for the wholesale fashion industry.

The solution, named iPad Order Taker, has been on beta release for the first few months of 2013 where it has been met with positive feedback and reviews from clients who have trialled the software.

Now fully launched, iPad Order Taker allows sales reps and agents to take wholesale orders on the move whether at expos, showrooms or on the road visiting customers. The state-of-the-art solution is fully synched with head office, ensuring that sales agents know current stock levels and are able to follow deliveries, cancellations and delays in real time.

In addition to stock information and automated order creation, iPad Order Taker also allows for packs, meaning that just one barcode scan will add whatever the pack assortment is set to be for any specific item. This single feature alone saves considerable time.

Although designed for the Apple iPad, i.level software has also launched an identical solution for laptops, allowing reps who don’t use the iPad to take advantage of i.level whilst on the move.

Leif Roenn, CEO of i.level software ltd, says: “{{the development of our iPad Order Taker allows sales reps and agents to become much more mobile and flexible in the way they take orders}}. Not only is iPad Order Taker fast and efficient, it’s also extremely cost effective making it a well-rounded solution for the wholesale clothing and accessories industry.”


For further information, please call 0845 644 2818 or email press@ilevelsoftware.co.uk

About i.level software ltd

i.level software was borne out of the vision of Leif Roenn, a fashion industry professional with 40 years’ experience. With a background in clothing production and wholesale fashion management, Leif created i.level software to bridge the gap between off-the-shelf software solutions that weren’t tailored to the fashion industry and expensive bespoke solutions that were out of reach to all but the largest fashion brands.

i.level software is now one of the UK’s leading software solutions for wholesale clothing and accessories.

Website: www.ilevelsoftware.co.uk