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Association of Online Publishers Announces Premium Mobile Advertising Initiative

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Association of Online Publishers Announces Premium Mobile Advertising Initiative

IAB, MMA and Mindshare Join 16 Premium Publishers to Support New Industry Research

London, UK, Wednesday 24 April 2013: The Association of Online Publishers (AOP) today announced the launch of a new mobile advertising initiative, designed to increase mobile advertising spend. The 16 AOP publisher members signed-up to the scheme account for approximately 24% of the UKs total mobile Internet audience - around 6.7m monthly users. The initiative has the endorsement of leading agencies, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and the AOP is pleased to build on their successes simplifying and proving the effectiveness of mobile. comScore is also supporting the AOP with mobile audience data from its MMX Multi-Platform product.

The 16 AOP Publisher Members signed-up to the initiative are Bauer, CBS, Conde Nast, Future, Guardian, Global Radio, The Sun, Telegraph, Trinity Mirror, Johnston Press, IPC, Trader, Hearst, Incisive, RTE, and Sift.

Mobile Advertising Effectiveness and Standardisation

AOP are working with Mindshare and their approved Rich Media provider, Celtra, to conduct the research stage of the initiative, on live brand advertising campaigns. Mindshare are supplying creative from three industry-leading FMCG and Automotive brands to inventory supplied by participating publishers. The aim of the study is to prove the value of premium mobile advertising, while making both the buying and selling of mobile advertising less complicated through format standardisation, simplified uniform reporting and publisher compliance around delivery.

The findings of the research will specifically demonstrate the value of the 320x50 expandable rich media ad-format, which allow more creativity than static banners, on iOS and Android devices.

“Mindshare welcomes the move towards greater mobile advertising effectiveness and accountability by publishers,” said James Chandler, Head of Mobile for Mindshare. “The advent of advertising networks and programmatic trading desks has meant that the mobile advertising landscape has grown up slightly differently to traditional publishing in its early years. This research will re-position premium publisher content at the heart of mobile advertising, demonstrating the effectiveness of placing quality brands in quality editorial environments to achieve optimum advertising results.”

Enhancing Consumer Experience

Mobile ads as part of the mobile web viewing experience is a fast growing reality. This test will show how users respond to a creative format in a premium content environment, and help inform how publishers deliver relevancy to their users where ads are part of that environment. Publishers will provide compliance with rich media provider certification, provision of brand safe environments, a guarantee against click fraud, delivery above the fold and providing the necessary mobile expertise to deliver effectively.

Accelerating Mobile Ad-Spend

The AOP Content and Trends Census published in Autumn 2012 confirmed the importance of mobile advertising to AOP members and the barriers faced. Since then the Association has been leading industry-wide discussions through member and agency meetings on mobile barriers and opportunities. This input has enabled AOP to build this initiative to encourage mobile ad growth on premium publisher mobile sites.

The need for greater investment in this area was again highlighted earlier this month when IAB research revealed that UK mobile advertising spend has now crossed the £500m mark annually, yet still only accounts for 10% of total UK digital advertising spend.

Bringing Agencies, Advertisers and Publishers Closer Together

In addition to demonstrating effectiveness and standardisation, it is also hoped that this initiative will bring agencies, advertisers, and publishers closer together around the mobile space.

Tim Cain, Head of Research & Insight for the AOP said: “Co-operation between premium publishers can help address more issues in mobile more quickly and importantly ensure the voice of premium publishers is heard and helps demonstrate the benefits of advertising around original, branded, quality content. By addressing selected barriers together focusing on premium mobile display with agency and client buy-in, we can create more wide-reaching, consistent, effective ads for the entire mobile industry, helping buy-side and sell side alike.”

Further focusses of the initiative will include a publisher roadshow to educate agencies on the effectiveness of premium mobile advertising and a commitment to increasing communications between publishers and agencies to ensure an on-going dialogue about mobile advertising.

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