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Press Release 22 October 2012
For Immediate Release

Trick-or-treaters beware - Mosquitoes will be on the prowl for blood

Vampires aren’t the only blood-thirsty creatures searching for fresh victims this Halloween – UK mosquitoes are also looking for humans to feast on before they hibernate for the winter. And with bites at an all-time high in general according to NHS Direct, it’s still too early to put insect repellents at the back of the bathroom cabinet.

A survey by award-winning natural insect repellent incognito, showed that out of 76 people who had got bitten, 59.2% had been bitten by a mosquito this summer. NHS Direct reported record hospital admissions due to insect bites, totalling over 10,000 up until the end of August, with this figure continuing to spiral because of the warmer weather in the UK. Mosquitoes are still alive and active, particularly at dusk, so winter evening walkers still need to protect...

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