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The New Inductaflex IF30

Bending machine manufacturer Inductaflex is claiming a world first for a new induction bending machine that features a device providing torsional support for sections during bending, saying that it sets new standards in section bend quality.

Primarily created to serve the induction pipe bending industry, especially the oil and gas sector, the Inductaflex IF30 was recently used by a customer to successfully curve a W27 beam intended for a large building structure in North America to a 13m radius. Final radius accuracy was within 1/8" over 50'-0", easily meeting the required project tolerances.

According to Inductaflex Managing Director Craig Barnshaw, the new support device on the IF30 is another achievement in hot metal bending: "I know from experience that even the mighty R-16-S bender from Roundo couldn’t bend this section to this radius so perfectly. Indeed our customer could find no other specialist company capable of this feat anywhere in North...

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