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Prospitalia h-trak partners with ADB UK

Tring, Hertfordshire, UK (22.02.2018) Prospitalia h-trak (formerly Healthlogistics) is delighted to announce its partnership with ADB (UK) Limited, to complement its h-trak service with a comprehensive catalogue management service.

This partnership allows Prospitalia h-trak to concentrate on providing its core h-trak system for patient level procedure costing, purchasing, inventory and reporting functions, whilst Trusts requiring catalogue management services can utilise ADB’s Contract+ service. Existing Prospitalia h-trak customers who have been using the eCat catalogue and contract management service will be migrating onto the Contract+ platform as part of a phased managed programme.

Kirk Kikirekov, Managing Director, Prospitalia h-trak Ltd, explained ‘With our new business focus we are confident that we...

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