Samurai Art Expo brings Japanese art and culture to the heart of Europe (15-17 June 2018)

Samurai Art Expo press release
Samurai Art Expo press release

Samurai Art Expo celebrates the best of Japanese Samurai Arms, Armour and fine art

Journalists, art collectors, Japanese culture fans and the public are invited to {{Samurai Art Expo, a unique new international antiques exhibition of Japanese art, illustrating the history and culture of Samurai-era Japan}}, organised by a team of experts from Asia, Europe, and Americas.

In our new initiative to bring together an international audience with scholars, artisans, collectors and dealers from all over the world, Samurai Art Expo Group is supported by the NBTHK European Branch and To-ken Society GB, providing talks and lectures. These societies were set up for the preservation and study of Japanese art and artefacts.

The expo provides the best possible learning opportunities by giving access to historical pieces from Japan and a firsthand experience with Samurai culture. Our talks and demonstrations are geared towards a wide audience, with consideration to all levels of knowledge from novices to avid collectors.

Samurai Art Expo offers an opportunity to view pieces not usually available to the public, showcasing items from private collections that would be worthy of any museum collection. Alongside the series of lectures, this makes the Samurai Art Expo a truly interactive learning experience and an opportunity to create lasting connections with professionals and enthusiasts of all levels.

When and where:

Samurai Art Expo will be happening from June 15th 2018 to June 17th 2018 at Jaarbeurs event venue in Utrecht, the Netherlands; a location most accessible to international experts and an international clientele within the EU.

Information for editors:

Please view our website for further information.

Journalists and editors who would like a press pass, interviews, or further images and information are welcome to contact:

Eddy Wertheim, organiser
Phone: +44 (0)207 229 2934