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wtv. launch EASYWEBCAST to revolutionise the way organisations engage with their audiences

London, United Kingdom - International virtual events specialist, wtv., launches this week its self-service webcasting platform EASYWEBCAST, enabling organisations to create and broadcast online events without the need for resource-heavy operator led delivery.

EASYWEBCAST is built on the premium streaming technology developed for the wtv. STREAMSTUDIO platform, a fully managed webcasting infrastructure entrusted with seamlessly coordinating multi-lingual, diverse virtual events for world-wide organisations such as HSBC, Coca-Cola and United Nations agencies.


WTV. is a leading global virtual events company supporting the world's largest organisations to engage their audiences through Virtual Events, Hybrid Events, Webcasting, Technology development and a wide range of digital platforms. wtv. manages projects in over 50 countries in 25 languages for 200+ clients, with offices in Geneva, Zurich, Frankfurt, London, Madrid and Hong Kong and a global network of partners. wtv. is an IBM global business video partner.

James Brown,
Group Managing Director , wtv. Global

“I am immensely proud of the work the team behind wtv. has put in over the last 12 months. Delivering EASYWEBCAST as quickly as we have in what has been, quite frankly, the most challenging working environment businesses collectively have ever faced is no small feat.
Whilst the demand for this type of product has escalated exponentially this year due to the pandemic, we’ve been championing the case for using technology to support a fundamental change in the way we work since our business’ inception.
Last year we launched CREWSTUDIO based on our understanding that the future of content production would inherently rely on the value of individual voices. Providing a framework which enables organisations to unlock that value by creating an efficient channel for users to create, upload and professionally edit content on a large scale, has revolutionised the way that over 75 brands and organisations, including BP, ServiceNow and the World Bank Group communicate with their staff and customers every day.
For us, EASYWEBCAST is the next evolutionary step forward on this journey. The way we interact professionally and personally has been transformed overnight, and the need for making video and event & conferencing experiences more engaging has become painfully evident. Easy to access, interactive, virtual environments are instrumental in supporting both remote workforces and wider communities.
With the technology now in place, we are looking forward to continuing our work with governments, global charities and large enterprises such as BBVA, DHL and hp. Looking further ahead, we are also preparing ourselves for significant growth in business-to-consumer communications - I think that’s the point where we can say we’ve well and truly transformed the way in which organisations speak to the public.”

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