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The Data Economy Magazine

Data Economy, the leading data centre and cloud publication launched in 2016, has released its first magazine in Monaco during Datacloud Europe 2017.

The magazine includes 80 pages full of content, with more than 20 C-level interviews in the fields of data centre, cloud and data.

The first edition features on the front page global attorney and NetApp’s chief privacy officer Sheila Fitzpatrick, who has looked into her GDPR crystal-ball in an in-depth conversation with Data Economy, including the implications of GDPR and Brexit.

Data Economy has also run the Data Economy EMEA 50, which lists the industry’s top minds in data centre, cloud and data in the region. The top influencer Michael Tobin was announced at the Datacloud Awards 2017, held in Monte Carlo every year.

Other topics of coverage include AI in data centres, the state of cloud in finance,...

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