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Middelbeers, 1st December 2000 The Swedish company, Atle AB, has announced the acquisition of HEK International Group B.V. from ThyssenKrupp AG.
"The acquisition of HEK International by Atle ends 6 months of speculation, during which time our employees have been extremely loyal. With the acquisition by Atle, there will be no reduction in manufacturing capacity or employees. In fact, the contrary. The current expansion of our facilities at Middelbeers will continue and the number of employees could, in fact, increase in the next year," said Mr Van Hek, Managing Director of HEK International Group B.V.

HEK, established in the early 60’s, is the manufacturer of mastclimbing workplatforms as well as a manufacturer of rack and pinion transport platforms and material/personnel hoists.

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Atle, which already owns Alimak, the manufacturer of rack and pinion hoists and also a...

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