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Celluence® Leg/Cellulite Creams

The Celluence® cellulite creams offer instant refreshment for tired, heavy legs this summer with an impressive line up of forty natural actives, specific to leg wellness and cellulite.

The Celluence® creams are unique in that, they contain not one or two, but forty natural actives in high concentrations - in contrast to any other cellulite cream. These actives are very well researched for their action on all seven aspects of cellulite: circulation, superficial fat accumulation, skin laxity, fibrosis, glycation, oxidative damage and low grade inflammation.

As most of the factors that cause cellulite also affect the well-being of the thighs and lower legs, application of the creams also provides instant refreshment for legs suffering from water retention, poor circulation, heaviness, tiredness and “restless legs”.


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