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A HUGE demand for fairtrade goods is not being met by UK retailers who are missing out on billions of pounds of sales.

The latest statistics have revealed that fairtrade has emerged as the most popular category in the growing ‘ethical’ consumer goods market but it is a long way from fulfilling its potential because store chiefs are overlooking its appeal.

A survey by Fruit Passion, which produces a range of fairtrade fruit juices, found that shoppers were nearly twice as supportive of fairtrade goods than organic produce.

Consumers from across the UK were questioned for the report in which 41 per cent of respondents said fairtrade was their top priority compared with 23 per cent for organic fare.

And yet organic food sales amount to £1.2 billion a year while fairtrade lags far behind, just exceeding the £230 million mark. Current predictions suggest that fairtrade sales will reach around £550m in five years’ time but this...

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