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As we become increasingly concerned with what we put in our bodies, the next step is to ensure we put only the purest ingredients on our skin. Conventional make-up contains a whole host of ‘evil’ ingredients: ‘traditional’ lipsticks are created from a base of paraffin, (which can accumulate in the liver, kidney and lymph nodes) combined with colourings (which include Aniline - suspected of causing cancer). And if you wear lipstick everyday you eat approximately one a year!

For a safer, more natural approach choose ‘Trend’ from Lavera - the most comprehensive collection of natural make-up, with organic ingredients. Trend contains:

· NO synthetic preservatives, colours and fragrances
· NO irritating emulsifiers, tensides or additives
· NO petroleum ingredients
· NO animal tested products or ingredients
· Dermatologically tested ingredients, tested on human volunteers only
· Ingredients recommended for sensitive skin Read full release