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Students with AR app built at Academy

As Andy Burnham addresses his mayoral city with the ‘Digital Tech Summit’, Manchester’s digital economy continues to grow and stay at the leading-edge – but the local workforce available for this new technology is still largely underserved.

EON Reality’s VR Innovation Academy seeks to close that skills gap in the North West. This month sees the business open up its free private learning centre for the 2017-2018 term. The 'VR Innovation Academy' offers completely free training for people aged 18+, looking for an alternative path from University and Apprenticeships.

The term begins on the 4th September and ends in April, combining the techniques of a development bootcamp, practical studio and a traditional classroom environment. The Academy in Manchester very much looks to the future of education and hopes to lead the way in business-based and business-funded learning.

EON Reality UK takes on twenty-five students aged 18+ every year, with...

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