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Functional drinks are becoming increasingly popular with consumers, and the latest breakthough is a drink made from raw, unroasted (or ”green”) coffee beans; CoffeeSLENDER.

A study has been published in the peer-reviewed journal NutraFoods (2007 6(3), 13-17) that confirms the weight loss effects of taking the green coffee extract.

CoffeeSLENDER is a Norwegian developed instant coffee enriched with this special extract from green coffee beans. It is also available as a decaffeinated tablet. The drink in sachet form is available in larger high street chemists stores across the country, as well as independent health food shops.

This marks the THIRD published, peer-reviewed study on the green coffee extract and CoffeeSLENDER and supports a growing body of scientific evidence in regard to the observed weight loss over a period of time. Previous placebo controlled scientific studies showed an average weight loss of 11.9 lbs over 12 weeks...

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