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SMF Hard Hat Index 2013 to 2016

Sainsbury Management Fellows' 2016 Hard Hat Index reveals the resilience of the hard hat as the symbol of engineering. Despite leading figures in the engineering community and engineering students calling for the hard hat to be banned from promotional and educational material, it remains dominant, giving the wrong impression of the role of an engineer according to SMF.

Four years into SMFs’ tracking, the use of hard hats in the engineering media is as high as the previous year’s Index, with 257 images appearing in the 17 titles monitored over 12 months. This figure is also the highest since the Index was launched in 2013.

The current SMF Hard Hat Index shows:

• Split between advertising and articles: The 257 hard hat images include adverts and articles published in the targeted engineering titles. The overall figure has increased each year and this year’s 257 images...

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