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Former elite cyclist Jon Sharples has set up TrainSharp Cycle Coaching in partnership with Sky’s Sports Director Sean Yates, to coach novice and elite cyclists across the cycling disciplines, in the UK and internationally. Sharples and Yates work in partnership to encourage novice riders into the sport, and to provide ongoing support for novice and elite riders, with their knowledge of cycling and the current racing circuit.

TrainSharp Cycle Coaching coaches riders for disciplines including sportives, road racing, time trials, triathlon, mountain biking and cyclocross. TrainSharp’s coaches combine a scientific approach to coaching with an interest in individual rider’s goals and time constraints. Before coaching begins riders’ current level of fitness is assessed using a heart rate monitor or a powermeter. From the results, each rider’s training zones are calculated and used to build individual training plans. These plans relate to each rider’s fitness, goals and the...

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